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Gold by Geraldine Mills

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Gold by Geraldine MillsTwins Starn and Esper grow up in a world made dark and silent by massive volcanic explosions. They long for sunshine, fresh air and the freedom of a life only vaguely remembered by a few. A game of dares leads them to discover an ancient book filled with strange writing and a treasure map. This propels them headlong into a journey across the darkened skies in a hand-built glider, in search of the gold that will vastly improve their lives, expose the governments’ lies and save a dying planet.

With exceptional crafting and a delicate hand, Mills has created a portrait of an unnerving future world. Gripping and compelling, the boys venture from a world of darkness, regulation enforced by fear and mere survival to one of light, possibility, and freedom. The juxtaposition of the two is explored and balanced perfectly through rhythm and cadence in the text.

The characters are tangible and textural, the relationships ring true. Starn and Esper are two sides of the same coin and must follow their own wisdom and hearts while working together to create a wonderful dichotomy.

Never too heavy or dark, it is exciting, dramatic and filled with nuance and beauty. Written with clarity, compassion and purpose, Gold is open enough to allow the reader to fully engage; come to his or her own conclusions; paint his or her own pictures in the realms of imagination. An amazing story, filled with life, this book simply sings!

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Mary Esther Judy, MA is a life-long reader, specialist in children’s literature and champion of children’s writing. She is a book reviewer, editor and former children’s bookseller for Dubray Books. She enjoys nothing more than heading off to one school or another to share stories and gain insight on what the kids are reading. Mary started her blog, Fallen Star Stories over 10 years ago, where you can find a plethora of reviews, interviews and random thoughts about the world of children’s literature. It reaches an average of 1500-2000 views per week worldwide. She has been a member of Children’s Books Ireland for over 15 years, frequently reviewing in their publication, Inis Magazine. Mary has lived in Galway for 23 years. She shares her home with her daughter, grandson and much loved dog, Molly; surrounded by stacks of books and a magical, if rather messy garden.

A native of Galway, Ireland Geraldine Mills is a poet and fiction writer. She has published five collections of poetry, three of short stories and a children’s novel. She has won numerous awards for her fiction and poetry, including The Hennessy New Irish Writer Award, a Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship and has been awarded two Arts Council bursaries. Her fiction and poetry are taught on Contemporary Irish Literature courses in the USA. She is a mentor with NUI and a member of Poetry Ireland Writers in Schools’ Scheme. Her most recent poetry collection, Bone Road (Arlen House) and some of her other titles are now available from

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