01 JANUARY 2012

The 2012 Prophecy
José Argüelles aka Valum Votan – January 24, 1939 – March 23, 2011
Memory, unpublished poems by Randhir Khare
Maurice Girodias – The man who fought censorship by Sue Healy
English Antisemitism: In A League Of Its Own? Natalie Wood
Zeitgeist by Terry McDonagh
A Photographer’s Perspective – Caroline Bennett
Working with Indigenous Rainforest Guardians
– John Hank Edson, Amazonwatch
Poems from The labyrinth, Pau Sarradell
Developing Your Intuition by Candess M Campbell
Unstable Minds by Matthew Van Ortton
Rango by John Chester Lewis
Mohammed Abdullah, a Saudi national speaks candidly about life in the Wahhabi kingdom
to Mark Ulyseas

02 FEBRUARY 2012

Off the beaten track in Japan…Carmen Roberts, Fast Track BBC
A Sacred Ritual by Mark Ulyseas
Don’t Blame Our Arab Neighbours For Everything! Natalie Wood
Rundown Town by Terry McDonagh
My ongoing journey – Elham Alirezaei
It was in a deep sleep I had the following dream…Robin Marchesi
7 steps to Intuitive Healing by Candess M Campbell
Kalimero, a travelling minstrel, an interview
Dust Devil by John Chester Lewis
Odin on Trance by Mark Ulyseas

03 MARCH 2012

Where are you from? – Carmen Roberts, Fast Track BBC
Off-Beat Travels in Israel’s Galilee by Natalie Wood
Artist, get thee to a residency by Sue Healy
Maria by Terry McDonagh
Photo Feature – Myanmar – Joo Peter
My Brother and I – Robin Marchesi
Matching Energy – Candess M Campbell
The Madonna – Mark Ulyseas
Great White Spot by John Chester Lewis
Shakti – a universal soul, an interview

04 APRIL 2012

Vishnu Narain – Guardian of the Forest
Bannerghatta National Park – an overview
Carol Buckley – Matriarch of the Herd
Goa 2007 – Robin Marchesi
The Sculptor – Terry McDonagh
A New Passover Sacrifice by Natalie Wood
Photo Feature – India and Laos – Joo Peter
Creating your Life through Trance – Candess M Campbell
Old Room – John Chester Lewis
A Tale of Two Singles – Santosh RajKumar
Biker Sam Lovett chats with Mark Ulyseas about his bike tours
across the Indian sub-continent

05 MAY 2012

NOT FOR SALE – international anti-slavery movement special report by Saskia Wishart
Defragmenting India – Riding a Bullet through the Gathering Storm by Harish Nambiar
Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galilee – Natalie Wood
The Other Half – Jemima Fincken
Hands – Terry McDonagh
Bali Ceremonies – Jill Gocher
Death of a Star – Arjun Bagga
Empowering your Intuitive Self – Candess M Campbell
Good Friday in Lovina – a novella (wip) – Mark Ulyseas

06 JUNE 2012

Segregation in Israel – Anat Hoffman Civil & Human Rights Activist
Philip Casey speaks to Mark Ulyseas in an exclusive interview
Autumn – Terry McDonagh
Paradox in Paradise – Mark Ulyseas
Pleiad – Jemima Fincken
Beyond Fences The Nari Kuravar Gypsies in a Time of Change by Randhir Khare
Elephant Aid International – A report in third person by Founder Carol Buckley
I’m Damned – Arjun Bagga
Meditation – Candess M Campbell
Three Poems – John Chester Lewis

07 JULY 2012

The Living Word – Tales from Tribal India by Randhir Khare
Bobby Chinn speaks to Mark Ulyseas in an exclusive interview
Vietnam Visuals – Joo Peter
Kori Jean Olsen Country Star from Austin Texas in an exclusive interview with Mark Ulyseas
A Journey Home! – Terry McDonagh
Special Report – Asylum Seekers in Tel Aviv – Steven Beck, Director of Israel-Diaspora relations
It takes a village – A photo feature on ARDC by Sari Ganulin
Creating Healthy Boundaries – Candess M Campbell
Exhibition of his paintings – John Chester Lewis

08 AUGUST 2012

The Politics Of The (IM)POSSIBLE – Utopia and Dystopia Reconsidered – Barnita Bagchi
They are just Papuans – Budi Hernawan OFM
Slaughter House Balochistan – a special feature – Mark Ulyseas
Boxes – A poem from his book of the same title – Terry McDonagh
Photo Gallery – Shinto Shrine, Kyoto – Joo Peter
You are in safe hands – A poem – Arjun Bagga
A Place for All – Struggle for Equality at the Western Wall Civil & Human Rights Activist Anat Hoffman
Music from the Edge – Folk Musicians from Kutch – Randhir Khare
A Simple Cell – Robin Marchesi
Creating Healthy Boundaries Part II – Candess M Campbell


Walking Through Fire – Randhir Khare
The Best Wells are Deep – Terry McDonagh
A letter to the readers of Live Encounters – Civil & Human Rights Activist Anat Hoffman
Gorkhaland – Crisis of Statehood – Romit Bagchi
Photo Gallery – Geikos, Kyoto – Joo Peter
Infantaria – Arjun Bagga
Convenient Thugs – FPI in Indonesia – Henky Widjaja
Israel’s Dog Day Afternoons – Natalie Wood
Creating Healthy Boundaries Part III – Candess M Campbell
The Way of Apostle Thomas – a journey into antiquity – Mark Ulyseas

10 OCTOBER 2012

Steven Beck – Religious Responsibility: Racist Incitement by State Funded Rabbis
Terry McDonagh – My Journey – to my son, Sean
Anjum Katyal – Habib Tanvir: Towards an Inclusive Theatre
Joo Peter – Photo Gallery – Varanasi
Dr Candess M Campbell – Space and Time
Dr Jemma Purdey – From Vienna to Yogyakarta: The Life of Herb Feith – Jemma Purdey
Antje Missbach – Strangers in ‘paradise’? Somali asylum-seekers in Indonesia
Budi Hernawan – They are just Papuans: Representing the Papuan conflict in a foreign country
Natalie Wood – When Jewish Vegans Don’t Give A Fig For Honey!
Sari Ganulin –   Tzfat (Safed) A photo feature

11 NOVEMBER 2012

Separatist Conflict in Indonesia: The long distance politics of the Acehnese Diaspora Antje Missbach
Door Through Time – Terry McDonagh
Khadi: Gandhi’s Mega Symbol of Subversion – Peter Gonsalves
When “The Secret Doesn’t Work!” – Candess M Campbell
West Java’s mini-fictions – Sundanese Literature – Iip Yahya
His Memory For A Blessing – Natalie Wood
Choker – Arjun Bagga
Alleppey Express – Matthew Van Ortton
Sebatu – John Chester Lewis
Raw Food by Chris Miller with photography by Mark Ulyseas


Guest Editorial – Anat Hoffman Civil & Human Rights Activist
Letter to the Editor – Budi Hernawan OFM
Terry McDonagh, wellknown Irish Poet, writer and Playwright talks about his life and works
Eric Hobsbawm – Another Jewish Contrarian – Natalie Wood
Are Bengalis characteristically Left-inclined? A study – Romit Bagchi
2012 – Yet Another Year of Living Foolishly? – Mark Ulyseas
Photo Gallery – Viva La Cuba! – Joo Peter
Remember and Resist – Randhir Khare
Generate Yourself! – Candess M Campbell
Peace Needs More Than Talk – Steven Beck


Guest Editorial – Jemma Purdey Woman, Mother and Writer
One Dollar For Music – Raoul Wijffels
Kinatmani – A ceremony for Life – Jill Gocher
Beering and fearing in Khajuraho – Harish Nambiar
Book Review: Jeffrey Winters’ Oligarchy – Marcus Mietzner
Dr. Navina Jafa, author of Performing Heritage: Art of Exhibit Walks in a Live Encounter
Fadedgenes – Excerpt One – From a work in progress book by Mark Ulyseas
Pastel ab Hmas – Richard Ganulin
I Hate Deadlines – Arjun Bagga
Art in Food – Enrico Wahl’s Food Art with photography by Mark Ulyseas

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