Marcus Mietzner on Jeffery Winter’s Oligarchy

DECEMBER Volume Two 2012

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Mostly known for his previous writings on Indonesia’s political economy, Jeffrey Winters has produced a significant and insightful book that goes well beyond the boundaries of the Indonesian archipelago. Indeed, to call his work a remarkable piece of comparative political science research would be an understatement. Rather, Winters delivers an all-encompassing account of the role of oligarchs in world history, drawing from examples that date back to Ancient Greece.

Read More…Jeffrey Winters’ Oligarchy is an epic work of comparative political insight but has little that is new to add to the study of Indonesia’s politics (Reprinted by special permission of Jemma Purdey Inside Indonesia).


On graduating with an MA degree from Goethe University (Frankfurt), Mietzner moved to the ANU to obtain a PhD. During fieldwork for a thesis on the Indonesian military, he began working for USAID in Jakarta – an engagement that would last for over seven years. After this he completed his PhD in 2005. Since 2008 his is a lecturer at the ANU. His research has primarily focused on political parties in democratic Indonesia. ANU College of Asia and the Pacific 

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