Mark Ulyseas – Fadedgenes – Excerpt One

From a work in progress book by Mark Ulyseas

DECEMBER Volume Two 2012

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From In Gethsemane – Transcripts of a Journey – book available HERE

This is a soliloquy by a boy from mixed parentage grappling with living on the edge of all sensibilities and often crossing the fine line that divides sanity and insanity.

Faded Genes is the kaleidoscope of a mislaid life. The myriad faces of the past. The haunting of people gone by. The instances of sudden madness and the sheer will to live. Or, lack of it. There are no sequences here, only images. Like a kaleidoscope, changing colours and shapes every time it is moved.

The episodes are real. The places are real. If this monologue was fiction it would have been a lot easier to write without the pain and anguish of living and having lost. The friends and relatives that I speak of have been placed either six feet under or lost in the bylanes of my mind flooded by the surging waters of the monsoon.

The narration is a candid recollection of the truth of living life shuttling between parents, cities, women, and the odd lie. It is the spirit in the Welsh mountains that finally brings one peace.

I owe a debt to my parents for giving life to me.

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In Gethsemane - Transcripts of a Journey

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