Live Encounters Poetry & Writing
Australia – New Zealand May 2021

I think of poetry as revealing to me, as writer or reader, what I think and feel most intensely but also most deeply, but in a spirit of play, both verbally and in active consciousness. What I hope to discover there is my ‘real’ identity.
– David Malouf
in conversation with Denise O’Hagan.

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Denise O’Hagan – Guest Editorial – Capturing the Spirit
David Malouf in conversation with Denise O’Hagan
Amanda Anastasi – The Meeting
Angela Costi – Sister
Anne Elvey – Just After Dusk
Audrey Molloy – She Loved
Ben Hession – November 2019
Beth Spencer – Walking this way without you
Daragh Byrne – Choir Practice
David Brooks – One Too Many Mornings
Davide Angelo – Breaking Seasons
Dominique Hecq – Hartz Peak
Dorothy Simmons – Streetlife
Emilie Collyer – Small in the scheme
Esther Ottaway – Illanelle
Eugen Bacon – Frame of Reference
Fotoula Reynolds – Her boy is my dad
Gail Ingram – Five songs to my elemental souls
Gayelene Carbis – Hedda Gabler
Gillian Swain – Birthday Notes
Irina Frolova – Wild Fennel
Jane Frank – Bloom
Jena Woodhouse – Death of an Archaeologist
John Robert Grogan – Shape of daydreams
Julia Kaylock – Nanoseconds
Justin Lowe – Moree
Kate McNamara – Being Cassandra of Troy: A History of the Future
Kate Rees – Pixel Fish
Kelly Van Nelson – The Streets
Kit Willett – Death
Laura Jan Shore – What the World Dreams
Lincoln Jaques – Wahine Wai
Luciana Croci – Remake
Magdalena Ball – Words are Bullets
Mark Roberts – My mother’s room
Mark Tredinnick – The Godwit Shores
Matina Doumos – Attiki Odos
Michael J Leach – Bioluminescence
Miriam Hechtman – Long Table
Moya Pacey – Fishing with Seamus
Penelope Layland – The Great Rooted Bed
Peter Boyle – Three poems from ‘Ideas of Travel’
Philip Muir – Self Tenses
Phillip Hall – We are
Tracie Lark – Inside Of You
Tricia Dearborn – Twenty-four hours in the life of a heart

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7 Replies to “Live Encounters Poetry & Writing
Australia – New Zealand May 2021”

  1. Thank you, Mark, for the honour of inviting me to guest edit the Australia/NZ edition of your wonderful ‘Live Encounters Poetry & Writing’ journal – truly an opportunity to gather poetical talent far and wide and help showcase each and every poet in a sumptuous setting. It is a wonderful journal and I am proud to have contributed to it 🙂

    1. Denise O’Hagan you are a star, and so are all the fabulous contributing poets.
      Live Encounters is grateful for this ‘creative leap’ across the ether with its
      filigreed utterances reflecting worlds that many of us dream of, or perhaps dream in.
      Thank you all.

  2. Wonderful looking journal Mark. Congrats and thank you for thinking of us cocooned antoipodeans in these strange and challenging times. Kate McNamara’s “Cassandra” suite is a stand out for me, although I am only halfway through.

  3. Hi Mark. Congratulations to you and Denise on the publication of this special Australian/NZ edition of Live Encounters. I’m sure I speak for fellow contributors and readers when I say that your efforts are much appreciated. I’m excited and honoured to be featured alongside so many talented Australian/NZ poets. I’ve started reading from cover to cover and have found the pieces to be enjoyable, insightful and inspiring. I look forward to reading more pieces in this edition as well as in future editions!

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