Live Encounters Poetry & Writing June 2020

Thank you Jack Grady for this gathering of poets. The generosity of these poets to share their unpublished work without a fee with the rest of the world is the very heart of what poetry is…lyricism nurtured with raw wisdom, honesty and a generosity that defies logic. In these days of hardship it is the songs of the poets that keep us alive to life itself. The over 300-page edition with cover artwork by Irish Artist Emma Barone features 46 fabulous poets from around the world. Support your local poets, writers and artists by buying their works!
– Mark Ulyseas, Poetry is…therefore I am.

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Alan Walowitz – Meeting By The River
Ana Luísa Amaral – Marcações
Anne Fitzgerald – Study in Grey
Antony Owen – Cyrille Regis
Attracta Fahy – Monologue To The Demented
Barbara Crooker – Love In These Dangerous Times
Betsy Mars – The Parable Of The Vinegar
Breda Wall Ryan – Persephone
Christopher Merrill – Flare
David Graham – Rural Poetry
David Rigsbee – The Innocence
Deirdre Hines – Parables
Edward O’Dwyer – A Short Story
Eithne Lannon – Sing The Body
Elsa Korneti – Imperfect Perfection
Graham Allen – No Rainbows Here
Haris Vlavianos – Self-Portrait of Whiteness
Jack Grady – Always Watching
Jean O’Brien – The Wind Blows Through
John Maxwell O’Brien – Aloysius the Great Excerpt V
John Sibley Williams – Flat Earther
Maeve McKenna – Three Courses For The Hungry
Martin Hayes – The Forgotten Neighbour
Mary O’Donnell – The Stolen
Maurice Devitt – Black Apples
Michael Farry – Hand Washing
Michael Minassian – Dressing The Buddha
Moyra Donaldson – Dreams In The Week Before
Natasha Remoundou – Ode To Caffeine
Orla Fay – Clothes Pegs
Owen Gallagher – The Inn To Heaven
Philip Gross – A Change In The Weather
Pippa Little – The Coffin Club
Rob Childers – Shuffle Back
Robyn Rowland – Fisher of Poets
S Roderick Roxas-Chua – The Sky On The Tip of Their Oars
Sacha  Hutchinson – Black
Scott Thomas Outlar – Of Escalations and Endgames
Silje Ree – A Series of Thoughts During Lockdown
Sinéad McClure – Moths
Susan Millar DuMars – Bruise
Sven Kretzschmar – Masks
Terry McDonagh – A Love Song
Theresa Griffin Kennedy – Spring of 2020
Tim Cumming – Queue
Yuyutsu Sharma – On An Empty Sac Street

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