Michael Minassian – Dressing The Buddha

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Michael Minassian is a Contributing Editor for Verse-Virtual, an online magazine. His award-winning short stories and poems have appeared in such journals as Comstock Review, Evening Street Review, Fifth Wednesday, Main Street Rag and Poet Lore. In addition, Minassian occasionally writes about Film for The Lost Coast Review. His chapbooks include poetry: The Arboriculturist (2010); Chuncheon Journal (2019); and photography: Around the Bend (2017) http://www.praxismagonline.com.  His work also appeared in Bridging Continents: An Anthology of Indo-American Poets (2019), and in July of 2019, he was interviewed by Gopal Lahiri for Setu Magazine. His full-length poetry collection Time is Not a River was released in 2020 and is available on Amazon. For more information: https://michaelminassian.com

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