Live Encounters Poetry & Writing January 2019

The wisdom of the children is right here in the pages of this special edition of children’s poetry. Their thoughts and reflections on matters of life and living is presented with an innocence and honesty that confronts adults with a truth that many have forgotten. Perhaps this is a gentle reminder that we must cherish these young minds, nurture them with love and knowledge, for they will inherit the mess that we have created. – Mark Ulyseas

LE Poetry & Writing Jan 2019

Terry McDonagh – Guest Editorial Children’s Edition
Amedeo – Nature
Annabel – Frost
Antara Gopalan – Sunflower
Aoife Casey – Sleepy Juice
Ava – Utopian Dystopia
Bartek – Ice
Beatrise – Winter has come
Callum Casey – Taking Part
Cathal Casey – Some Words…
Cheryl – Durian
Dublin Schoolchildren – The Blue Reindeer
Elise Carey-McGibney – Winter’s Magic
Ella Skye Hackney – Standing Up
Euan – What I See In a Hamburg Morning
Eva Hurst – My Collection of Poems
Ferdi – The Ice
Fiona Mao – If I could be a tree
Hanna Le Han Mao – Dream
Ivo Toulouse – Our Time
Jan – Bunnies Jenny – The me you don’t see
Keshav – Winter in Hamburg
Lilian Baraka – At The Sea
Liliane Brusa – I watched
Lilly – Outside
Lisa Weber – The Monster Within
Mae Browner – Excited Ed!
Maja – Bunnies
Miuccia Schmid – Illusion
Nick – Leaves and Trees
Oscar – It’s so cold
Rebecca O’Neill – Argo
Saoirse Casey – Moonlight
Sarah – Objects of Much Importance
Shalev Cohen – Life is not a photo
Sophia – I Freeze
Sørensen Madsen – Trick-or-Treating
Teagan Parry – A House on Fire
Toini Ravola – The Raft
Zoe – Frost

LE P&W Jan 2019 PDF


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