Live Encounters Magazine January 2019

Jerusalem conserves so many sacred stones, almost all of them soaked in blood. Jerusalem through the centuries has too often been a battleground where religion has justified war, violence and hatred. A religiously inspired imagination has led Muslims, Jews and Christians in different periods to lay claim to a monopoly of power in Jerusalem whereas the ongoing reality of Muslim, Jewish and Christian presence in Jerusalem challenges the religious imagination to come to terms with the religious “other”. Walking through the streets of Jerusalem, visiting the Holy Places that still stand and the ruins venerated where others once stood, provides a rich panorama for a metanoia oriented dialogue regarding the respective histories of Christians, Muslims and Jews. The Greek metanoia, the Arabic tawba and the Hebrew teshuva all refer to a basic spiritual intuition that as humans we sin, that we are in deep need of forgiveness of God and neighbour and that we must turn back again and again toward God and neighbour with hearts full of contrition, asking pardon.
– Rev. Dr. David Mark Neuhaus SJ

Live Encounters Magazine Jan 2019

Rev. Dr. David Mark Neuhaus SJ
A personal reflection on dialogue with Muslims

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