Live Encounters Magazine Volume One December 2018

And once again, as we have done in the past, this Christmas and New Year we shall all sit down to sumptuous meals, drink whatever fancies our taste buds, shop till we drop and pamper our overweight children and pets. It’s the season of happiness, love and family especially for the homeless, injured and maimed children of wars, missing people in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, asylum seekers, political detainees and the fringe folk of the planet. They will surely be very happy and content with what they see, hear, feel and touch this festive season. – Mark Ulyseas, 2018 Year of Living Foolishly.

Live Encounters Magazine Dec Vol One 2018

Dr Róisín Burke – Guest Editorial – Somalia – Gender Justice Post-Conflict
Dr Namrata Goswami – Australia: An Old Space Player…
Dr Howard Richards – Solidarity for Raising Wages
David Morgan – Populism and identity politics
Dr Cauvery Ganapathy – The Inconvenience of Making a Movement…
Dr Devaki Jain – Overview of Close Encounters of Another Kind
Mark Ulyseas – 2018 Year of Living Foolishly?
Professor Anita Ghai – Disability in South Asia…
Professor Ashok S Chousalkar – Rethinking Political Thought of Ancient India
Professor S Irfan Habib – Bhagat Singh and his revolutionary inheritance
Professor Sanjeev Jain and Dr Alok Sarin – The Psychological Impact…

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