01 JANUARY P&W 2019

Amedeo – Nature
Annabel – Frost
Antara Gopalan – Sunflower
Aoife Casey – Sleepy Juice
Ava – Utopian Dystopia
Bartek – Ice
Beatrise – Winter has come
Callum Casey – Taking Part
Cathal Casey – Some Words…
Cheryl – Durian
Dublin Schoolchildren – The Blue Reindeer
Elise Carey-McGibney – Winter’s Magic
Ella Skye Hackney – Standing Up
Euan – What I See In a Hamburg Morning
Eva Hurst – My Collection of Poems
Ferdi – The Ice
Fiona Mao – If I could be a tree
Hanna Le Han Mao – Dream
Ivo Toulouse – Our Time
Jan – Bunnies
Jenny – The me you don’t see
Keshav – Winter in Hamburg
Lilian Baraka – At The Sea
Liliane Brusa – I watched
Lilly – Outside
Lisa Weber – The Monster Within
Mae Browner – Excited Ed!
Maja – Bunnies
Miuccia Schmid – Illusion
Nick – Leaves and Trees
Oscar – It’s so cold
Rebecca O’Neill – Argo
Saoirse Casey – Moonlight
Sarah – Objects of Much Importance
Shalev Cohen – Life is not a photo
Sophia – I Freeze
Sørensen Madsen – Trick-or-Treating
Teagan Parry – A House on Fire
Terry McDonagh – Guest Editorial Children’s Edition
Toini Ravola – The Raft
Zoe – Frost

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