Live Encounters The Christmas Special December 2017

This collection of short stories delves into the concept of the home as a concrete structure, a place of physical shelter alongside it being a representation, a sanctuary, an inner place of safety where trust and love must be paramount. Unfortunately for some, home is not a safe place and within its walls can be a place of fear and vulnerability to the extent that they are forced to leave even with the prospect of nowhere else to go. – Doreen Duffy, Guest Editor

Live Encounters The Christmas Special December 2017 copy

Doreen Duffy – Guest Editorial 
Anne Marron – Room to Let
Annette Bryan – Fluffy’s new home
Bríd Connolly – When skies are grey
Doreen Duffy – Etta and the snow
Eileen Casey – Tales from the Old Country
Gavan Duffy – Closed Doors
Joan Power – Missing Links
Kevin Doyle – The Fat One
Mae Newman – In sickness and in health
Niamh Byrne – Judith and the Crocodile
Shirley Keegan – Departure Lounge
Susan Condon – Espresso for Mary
Trish Best – Home
Trish Nugent – Hello Dolly

Live Encounters The Christmas Special December 2017


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