Live Encounters Magazine Celebrates its 8th Anniversary December 2017

What does dharma mean? My reading of this complex and untranslatable theological term with a long history tries to capture briefly the way Gandhi used the term. It is right order and righteous living as it was conceived in a traditional Hindu village where everyone had a place, and everyone had a calling to serve. It was the dharma of the bee to make honey, of the cow to give milk, of the sun to shine, of the river to flow. We too will live rightly and conform to the order of the world if we find our dharma and follow it.– Dr Howard Richards

Live Encounters Magazine December 2017 FINAL

Mark Ulyseas – Update 2017 Year of Living Foolishly, again?
Dr Namrata Goswami – American Individualism in the Age of Donald Trump
Ambassador Masood Khalili – Afghanistan at Peace Without India?
Dr Daya Somasundaram – Implementing Psychosocial rehabilitation For War Affected…
Dr Howard Richards – Humanity’s Principal Challenge
Nimmi Kurian – Crossing the Line: The Border as Verb
Dr Margi Prideaux – Trading in Bones
Jennifer Shutek – Gastrodiplomacy in Palestine/Israel
Jill Gocher – Men of the Camels
Joo Peter – Carro Americano in Cuba
Mikyoung Cha – Gross National Happiness
Carl Scharwath – Reflections
Dr Candess M Campbell – Transformation in the New Year
Emma Barone – Dual
Gerard Sexton – Immersive Activities
Miriam Isabelle Cherribi – A Photographer’s India
Ozlem Warren – Kadinbudu Kofte
Patricia Fitzgerald – Experience Inner Peace
Putu Yudana of WAKA presents a fabulous spread!
Natalie Wood – The Language of the #Metoomorphosis

Live Encounters Magazine 8th Anniversary December 2017 s


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