Live Encounters Magazine January 2018

For a civilisation to exist and prosper it must permit the plurality in its society to inhale and exhale the fresh air of freedom of thought and to an extent, action. To stifle the breath of plurality is to slowly extinguish the wisdom of the ancients that resides in this plurality. And if this happens then this civilisation (India) will begin to transform into something ominous. Is there hope? – Mark Ulyseas, Finding India

Live Encounters Magazine January 2018

Dr Ajay Gudavarthy – Social Ethics of Revolutionary Praxis
Dr Bheemaiah Krishnan Ravi – Understanding media role in electoral democracy
Dr Greta Sykes – Nation, language, culture – play things of the elites?
Dr K Suneetha Rani – Influence of English on Indian Women Writers
Emanuel Castro – When Maria struck…
Jill Gocher – Iconic India
Luciana Ferrero – Queens of the Desert
Mark Ulyseas – Finding India
Mikyoung Cha – Ebb and Flow
Ozlem Warren – Patatesli Gozleme

Live Encounters Magazine January 2018 s


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