Live Encounters Magazine Volume One December 2020

As recently as July, the Chinese ambassador to London, Liu Xiaoming, was shown footage by the BBC, authenticated by other governments and western intelligence services, of Uighurs kneeling, blindfolded with their heads shaven being pushed onto trains. The Ambassador would not explain the scene and said the people could be separatists or even actors from the US or other Western countries. He called the reports “lies of the century” and refuted claims that Uighurs are being mistreated. He also denied proven reports that China is conducting massive sterilization on women to control the Uighur population. The forced detention of at least 1 million Uighurs and other ethnic Muslims was condemned by 23 UN nations who called upon China to respect international laws, including the freedom of religion. – Dr Lezlee Brown Halper

Dr Lezlee Brown Halper – Guest Editorial
First Tibet-Now Xinjiang:
China Is Determined To Crush Its Minorities.

Barry Delaney – New York City
Dr Cauvery Ganapathy – Tibet: a tangled cause
Dr Kanchan Mukhopadhyay – Food and Power
Dr Nitu Kumari – Rights of the Girl Child in India.
Dr Shanthie Mariet D’Souza –
India and Germany in Afghanistan:
Prospects for cooperation

Katie Costello – In all things find beauty
Mark Ulyseas – 2020
Year of Living Foolishly, again?

Sourav Jourdar – Kāśī
Wolfgang Widmoser – Faces

LE P&W Vol 1 Dec 2020PDF

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