Live Encounters Magazine Volume Two December 2020

The critical problem with the field of international relations and studies as I know it, is that concepts that dominate (what is, and how we know what is) through theories like Realism, Marxism, Neo-Classical Realism, Critical Theory, Liberalism, Constructivism, Post-Modernism, are based on ideas originated in their modern form in academic circles that trace their affiliations in the West. This ethno-centric approach is then passed off as universal, instead of being offered as the North American area studies field or British or German, or French International relations. Stephan Walt vindicates my point by asserting that scholars outside of the Anglo-Saxon world are not offering big ideas or thinking on international relations, by which he means Great Power behavior, and hence, in this endeavor, U.S. centric authors dominate. – Namrata Goswami

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Dr Namrata Goswami – Guest Editorial
A Challenge to International Studies
to Make its Theories and Concepts Truly ‘International’

David Morgan – The Power of the Imagination
Dr Govind Bhattacharjee – Our Public Sector Undertakings
Dr Howard Richards – Surviving Today´s Crises
Requires the Transformation of the
Basic Cultural Structure of the Modern World.

Dr Margi Prideaux – Speaking Unspoken Truth
Emma Barone – Shoe Artwork
Gauri Chaudhari – The Perfect Pill
Jas Sykes – Self Portraits
Randhir Khare – On the Green Wings of the Living
Tina Claffey – Autumnal Delights

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