Wolfgang Widmoser – Faces

Widmoser profile Dec 2020

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Live Encounters Magazine Volume One December 2020

Born in Munich 1954. 1973 studied with Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dali. 1970 he painted still-lives in Switzerland introducing curved mirrors which reflect objects in most surprising ways and led to a proposal for the –elegant Universe. Moving to Toscany in 1980 landscape and atmospheric effects crystallized to intense, portraits of nature. Since 1984 living in Bali. In his search for the- abstract. Papua New Guinea – Warriors combine the archaic with the futuristic. Wolfgang’s motto – aesthetic = ethic – points to places where humans experience the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

I have known Wolf (as he is affectionately called) for nigh sixteen years.
His art has moved from form and mesmerising colour palettes
to the occupation of a spiritual space that ensnares the viewer
into Wolf’s own time zone.

The following artworks confront us with our other selves,
in a manner of speaking,
and questions the basis of our perception of faces…
faces that we, perhaps, encounter every day, without seeing…
a reminder that we are children of the stars
searching for our origins in each other.

– Mark Ulyseas

01 Widmoser LE Vol 1 Dec 2020

02 Widmoser LE Vol 1 Dec 2020

03 Widmoser LE Vol 1 Dec 2020

04 Widmoser LE Vol 1 Dec 2020

05 Widmoser LE Vol 1 Dec 2020

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