Live Encounters Magazine Volume Two December 2018

Conservation begins with the first four steps: love, non-violence, forgiveness and charity. Why do we talk of climate change when we cannot even look after each other’s basic needs – shelter, food, education etc.? All those that we vote into power come from among us, yet we blame them for the deteriorating state of affairs. Perhaps there is something intrinsically wrong with us that we cannot see our reflection in the very leaders that use and abuse us. Until this warped mentality changes there is little hope of saving Mother Nature from ourselves. – Mark Ulyseas

Live Encounters Magazine Dec Vol Two 2018

Dr Margi Prideaux – Guest Editorial – Just Conservation…
Dr Mukesh Batra – The Catalytic Synergy of Homeopathic Medicine
Andrea Lamberti – My Favourite Photographs Part II
Donna Mulvenna – Peace
Dr Bayu Wirayudha – Rescuing Endangered Wildlife in Bali
Emma Barone – Dualities of Light and Dark
Jill Gocher – The Bali Farmer
José Truda Palazzo Jr – On The Negro River
Mark Ulyseas – Bảo tàng Phụ nữ Việt Nam
Mikyoung Cha – Pakse Champasak Lao
Ozlem Warren – Patlicanli Tencere Kebabi
Super Chef Putu Yudana presents a Romantic Dinner at WAKAGANNGA

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