Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Two December 2018

Dhanyavad Randhir Khare for offering us a view from the womb of the WORD.  The worlds that poets create, water and feed with their visions, become a panoramic backdrop to our everyday struggles… words that dance with each other to form wave after wave of pure music for the senses. They are also mirrors that often reflect the mark of Cain. Randhir Khare and others of the WORD are constantly measuring the rhythms of life… now and then infusing love and hope where darkness and anger has taken hold. We must listen to the poets for without them the music will surely die within us. – Mark Ulyseas

LE Poetry & Writing Volume Two Dec 2018

Randhir Khare – What poetry means to me
Noel Monahan – Aphrodite in the Snow
Alex Skovron – Prone Gulch
Anne M Carson – Back from the Brink
Arthur Broomfield – The Lifeguard
Brian Kirk – Different Trains
Diane Fahey – Anniversary Visit
Elena Karina Byrne – Underground
Hedy Habra – Meditations Over The Eye of Horus
Ian C Smith – To My Sons
Ingrid Storholmen -Earth Word
James Martyn Joyce – No Pyramid Rising
Jim Burke – Concealing Truths
Joachim Matschoss – Shanghai Street Fugue
John W Sexton – The Dead, The Undying

Julia Deakin – Manna
Kenneth Nolan – The Trip Away
Lynda Tavakoli – Under Wraps
Lynne Thompson – Yang Fuxi Practices
Maria Miraglia – In The Silence
Nasim Basiri – A Forced Departure
Nasrin Parvaz – Walls
Noel Duffy – Closer Than Coldness
Owen Gallagher – The Boy Who Swam In The Sky
Richard Jarrette – It is Never Finished
Ruairí de Barra – Tibnin Bridge
Susan Condon – The Singer
Tobi Alfier – Always Moving

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