Live Encounters Poetry & Writing December 2017

Poets and writers are custodians of fate who delve into the ebb and flow of life, pondering over the fertility and futility of mind and action, rescuing even the blasé from hara-kiri of the tongue. And they are often condemned to penury, living on the refuse of others’ whims. Beauty resides within and reminds them constantly of the heavy burden they must bear for being custodians of fate, for salvaging, nurturing and resurrecting the soul of humanity through their creations of finely engraved thought. Perhaps they are fallen angels redeeming themselves within the confines of blood and bone. Live Encounters Poetry & Writing is a mirror in which to see our faces….a constant reminder of how beautiful and fragile we all are, and yet pathologically self-destructive. – Mark Ulyseas, on Live Encounters Magazine 8th Anniversary 2010-2017.

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing December 2017

Alex Skovron – Motherboard
Anton Floyd – Samsara
Arthur Kayzakian – Heroes
Bernadette Gallagher – Walls of Bones
Caley O’Dwyer – Splitting Up
Colette Nic Aodha – Secret Dreams
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow – Unblues This Passport
David Graham – Sand Against The Wind
David Morgan – Moods Dark And Light
Dr Greta Sykes – A Song For Loess
Geraldine Mills – A Home Coming
Hongri Yuan – Scriptures
Jack Grady – Resurrection
James Martyn Joyce – Furey
Jane Williams – Climate Control
M L Williams – Ramadan Christmas
Mark Ulyseas – Editorial – Custodians of Fate
Nasrin Parvaz – Night
Richard James Allen – The Rebirth of Doubt
Susan Condon – Photograph of a Stranger
Terry McDonagh – Time Capsules
Doreen Duffy – Tattoo

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