Kit Kelen – Put on a fresh shirt to bid at the auction

Kelen LE P&W Humour June 2024

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing, Special Edition on Humour June 2024.

Put on a fresh shirt to bid at the auction, poem by Kit Kelen.

Put on a fresh shirt to bid at the auction

how many beans in the jar?
adrenalin pumps

make up numbers no one’s heard before
will never hear again

it’s something and one
said just for fun

oh and oh for the dice’ next throw

the script has
no kitchen
falling walls
plumbing never quite paid for

who’ll meet me at 643?
do we get in the door at 644?

if the increment fits
and starts

do I hold up
how many paws, paddles?
why can’t we live together?
wasn’t that soul?

count backwards
that will get ’em riled
play for the zero sum

and where it trends nobody knows
egg on
with confidence and zeal

this beast
like a magic bean graph
will reach the heavens yet

mind of the hive says something and five,

be breathless
don’t wait

a next fresh number ends in nine
fresh paint and the multitude sins

will this hovel yet be mine?

so solemn po
the auctioneer

all the good ones go to heaven
all our sixes now are seven

like in the waiting room
and everyone wants the job
so we interview each other

still not too late at eighty eight

who has the baton?

you say bingo

once twice
three times the spell
that hammer is only my heart

© Kit Kelen

Kit Kelen is Australia’s most consistently persistent minor poet.  Find him every day at

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