Martin Langford – The Western Swamp Turtle

Langford LE P&W Humour June 2024

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing, Special Edition on Humour June 2024.

The Western Swamp Turtle, poem by Martin Langford

The Western Swamp Turtle

The Western Swamp Turtle
has a Bodhisattva’s smile.
It knows everything
that can happen in a life –
the torpor of sunlight
on mud-infused water,
the slope for a good rock,
the slippage and bounce of mere twigs.
It can remember
the focused exhaustion of mating –
might go there again –
but just now it’s happy
to let the sun rest on its forehead,
to grin as occasional bubbles
go pop! at its neck.

© Martin Langford

Martin Langford is the author of eight poetry books, the most recent of which is The Boy from the War Veteran’s Home (2022), published by Puncher and Wattmann.

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