Brenda Saunders – Catwalk

Saunders LE P&W Humour June 2024

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing, Special Edition on Humour June 2024.

Catwalk, poem by Brenda Saunders.


She was lying there, lifeless. We were taking our places for the parade, found her stretched
out at the foot of the staircase, glittering in silver blue lamé. So dramatic. I thought she was
just creating, playing the star, until I saw the blood. She was not popular. Some girls gave
her a hard time, thought her too pushy. It is a cut throat business. Still, she didn’t deserve
this. No one saw anything. We were all too busy with makeup and last-minute fittings. The
place was spinning with Press. This is a disaster. Today was our one big chance on the
catwalk. To shine, be noticed by top designers. I didn’t know her well but dying today ruined
it for everyone.

— after Darren Sylvester, ‘Broken Model’ 2016, light jet print
240 x 320 cm. Museum of Contemporary Art, Melbourne

© Brenda Saunders

Brenda Saunders is a Wiradjuri writer and performer. Her poetry and short fiction appear in edited anthologies and journals both on-line and in print, including Westerly, Mascara, Anthology of Best Australian Prose Poems 2021 (Melbourne University Press) Best Australian Poems 2022 (Australian Poetry) and Best Australian Science Writing 2021 and 2023 (New South Books).  She has performed her memoirs and microfiction in several Sonic City Sydney events  and won International Awards for her Short Films: The White Leopard Award, Canada, 2022, Best Script Prize (London Independent Short Films) and the New York Arthouse Film Fest Award in 2023.

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