Saara Lamberg – Apologies

Lamberg LE P&W Humour June 2024

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing, Special Edition on Humour June 2024.

Apologies, poem by Saara Lamberg.


Yes I’m awful sorry
I couldn’t make it
You see my train was delayed
and then I realised I
lived on a tiny island and
there were no train lines anyway

I’m so sorry
You see my dog was sick
and then I realised I
was allergic to pets
and that the dog was also dead
and attacked my neighbour at the same time
so there was that too

I am awful sorry
I couldn’t make it
I had to go to the demonstration
because I am a good human
and the demonstration was //
about things that are really close to my good human heart
You know
The powerty, the human rights, the thing…. What have you

I think you would have actually loved it
Oh but of course you had your… Thingie and
To be honest
I have been really looking forward to seeing you

But I just couldn’t make it
because my aunt is at a hospital
and no it’s  not so serious she will die because
she will have to visit
many many more times
because what would my story otherwise be
but she is definitely so sick that I had to stay the whole time
and pray
and I’m not even religious, it’s just something I do because
I like calling myself spiritual
mainly for dating profiles

Again, so deeply sorry
I just couldn’t make it
Because //
I didn’t want to come

and I really hope it went well and
You are amazing I am in such an awe of you,

© Saara Lamberg

Finnish Australian Saara Lamberg is a director, actor, writer and producer. They have released three narrative feature films, all of which premiered at Cannes Cinephiles selection. They started writing poetry at 7. They make films, perform poetry and standup comedy, run marathons slowly but often and cuddle every cat and dog they come across when strolling the streets of Melbourne, the city that is their current home until love or art will whisk them away again. They travel light, but carry all the necessary emotional baggage that’s required for the believable catharsis. You can follow their work at @saaralambergofficial on instagram

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