Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2022



Jordan Smith – guest editorial
Terry McDonagh
Thomas McCarthy
Paul Minx
Randhir Khare
Judith Baumel
Anton Floyd
DeWitt Clinton
Peter O’Neill
Fred Everett Maus
Carmen-Francesca Banciu
Lynn Strongin
Richard W Halperin
Tim Tomlinson

Live Encounters P&W March 2022pdfc

Please help by donating any amount for this just cause as events in 2022 are threatening the very future of Live Encounters.


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  1. Jordan. Dale Davis sent me your essay, My Grandmother’s Mandolin. A happy thought of a grandmother and who she was. I don’t remember you clearly but was very fond of your mother, Winnie Smith. Our Congregational Church days of years gone by. Funny how things go- I did a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the First Congregational Church in 2018. It allowed me to explore, research and learn so much about what had just been a building to me. Now I sit and look at the ceiling and imagine plasterers working away way up. As you imaging Alida Rose playing her mandolin. I appreciate Dale sending me the link to Live Encounters. Thank you

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