Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2021

In these uncertain times Art in all its avatars gives us spiritual strength and a meaning to living in a world that appears to be confined within the four walls of our homes. Perhaps Art is Hope that emerged from Pandora’s box. – Mark Ulyseas

LE P&W March 2021 banner

Emma Barone – Irish Artist
Iseult Healy – Mere Man
Richard W Halperin – A Country I Remember Fresh as Morning
R Bremner – Truth
Jean O’Brien – No Symptoms
Liam McNevin – Turn of the day
María Del Castillo Sucerquia – Slaying Lambs
Peter McCluskey – Giving Hands
Peter O’Neill – From The Eroica Variations Part 4
Polly Richardson – Dingle Wilds
Tali Cohen Shabtai – In the Image of God
Gerard Sheehy – Dark Hibernians

LE P&W March 2021PDF

Please help by donating any amount for this just cause as events in 2020 are threatening the very future of Live Encounters.


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