María Del Castillo Sucerquia – Slaying Lambs

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2021.

Maria Del Castillo Sucerquia (Barranquilla, Colombia in 1997) is a literary agent, bilingual poet (Spanish and English), short story writer, proofreader, mentor, oriental medic (Neijing, Spain), ancient Chinese language student and a famous translator (from English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Greek). Her translations are one of the most reproduced and respected. She is Spanish translator of many writers around the world and is recognized for being the great bridge between writers and Spanish-speaking world.  Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies, journals, websites and magazines, and have been translated into Canadian, Bangla, Arabic, Greek, Italian and English. She has participated in national and international festivals, recitals and webinars (Filogicus, Libresta, María Mulata, Bharatha Vision, Azahar, Atunis Poetry, El Heraldo, Muelle Caribe, Crisol, Uttor Kota, Sol y Luna, Sabdakhunja, The Poet, and other). She collaborates with translating and literary criticism in several literary magazines such as Altazor (Chile), Cardenal (Mexico), Cronopio (Missouri), Golem (Mexico), Vive Afro (Colombia), Palabrerías (Mexico), Raíz Invertida (Colombia), Burdelianas Poetry (Colombia), and other.


Slaying Lambs

I walked into a mine and
my hip was blasted away
they amputated my arm
and it fell into their perverted abyss
they cut off my ear
to offer it to a misogynist
they threw acid in my face
and I became unrecognizable
to my tribe
and to the mirror
they groped my body until
they were spent

How I laugh at those poor devils
they weren’t even close
to touch my heart

Air Test

Their heart grew cold they let their wings down – Fragment of Sappho

Are love‘s wings real?
How long do they fly?

Could love be mislead by vulgarity:

What will purity he lavishes cost me?
What will I sacrifice for the
exotic flower altar?
What demands will I have to meet,
hand in hand with her virtues?

I am falling, my dear…

My wings fold
my misgivings insult
to your sacred rights
I glimpse the void

My wings fold
selfishness does not kneel
before your beauty
I meet the ground

His wings fold
the arrogant bird is silent
its melody does not touch the sky:

Pride leads to fall

The Waiting

What a sad life!
How sad you are!
Under the scrub

you are an eager prisoner
for watching the rose blooming
Go and embrace the rustle
of her branches the whisper
of her icy grin
watch how rift walks in the
mud invading your soul

Ah my girl!
in your stillness the spring got lost
Open your eyes to
the ocher silhouettes
on the fallen leaves
learn to dance

Morning gallops 

You fly on a horseback
in the sky
my cloud bites
the crystal of fire

it rains honey
of your vortices
a language is born
of the carnation

skip the sunset
for another sky
saliva mirror
lies at the center

a noon sun
is perpetuated
at dusk

Up to Hundred

The love rite widens hearts
the good overflows with desire

The momentum of the river is transformed
to the magnificence of the sea

and the Lordship of the waves
is dancing in the explorers
revealing their skin far and wide
—They touch and kiss beyond the obvious

An ethereal wave rise
making way for an implosion

The world gets dressed in lava
and they contemplate it
from the dawn of dreams

Roman Sacrament

Love is the art
that combines body
soul and darkness
it is the work of a sculptor
who is used to enjoy and
endure pain from conceiving
so much beauty

Full of Grace

Consumerism ignites fights
on the scaffolding of envy

to complete the shadows
like a bowl which was empty
the universerse needs to sing

© Maria Del Castillo Sucerquia