Polly Richardson – Dingle Wilds

Profile Richardson LE P&W March 2021

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2021.

Polly Richardson Munnelly is Dublin born poet, currently living and writing in Dingle co Kerry, Ireland .She continues to run the Bulls Arse Writers group Navan co Meath remotely and her Tuesday’s Zoomers group of international poets. She has been published both nationally and internationally. Her debut collection Winter’s Breath is out and available on Amazon. She is currently working on her second collection.

Dingle Wilds 14 – Boo

I find sun amongst the shimmers,
whole worlds suddenly rainbow under salted laps,
as if caught in hide and seek till sun and hiding sea-swells.
Surface hushed bar lull of lapping
its wilding whip slumbers, for now.
And there, right there, blubber humps appear.
Synchronizing breaking surface of this bay without a ripple
contenting inner lion roars of glee
as flipper stretches into cloud
and seal sea-ballet commences distorting her golden beams
fanning down claiming them as their own,
while others decorate morning moored and bow’s bobs softly
clink -clanking hums tune to a whisper,
matching silent calm crooning as they dive,
spinning wonderful with waves playing peek -a- boo,
their bobbing heads reappear momentarily turning east through west
as shags match dive per dive applauding each morsel caught.
Lone one stands less leg, more spread on left webbed foot,
balancing whole self on rock and more, much more,
silently gallant beneath the plume
an amour of radiant spanning outer to wing tip
far from removed yet eyeing performance of water laps,
matching head turns,
knowing he already caught catches of the days to come.
His eye and mine danced.
Whole worlds suddenly rainbow under salted laps.
Sea will not leave waters quiet.
As one life exits another finds its way.
Own Mecca between Atlantic tides
Only moon is constant and his knowing he will never hold sun.

Golden Time

Light flickers sashaying on wicks swaying itself to brilliance
seducing air.  They play. Seductively stirring shadows
to dance in rhythm with tocks from tic tic clock.  Paws twitch in R.E.M
oblivious to my inhalations sewing this moment to the remembered.

Windows hold breath, look on,
already drawn in dusks falling kaleidoscopic streaks
holding it within frames,
arousing breasts pre tingle salute to approaching moon
and first galactical twinkle reaching land in eyes
stifling blinks,
in wide dilations lids stiffen
remembering complete bareness and morning dew,
when dawn licked flesh upon flesh while daisy’s opened
petal by petal and sea lapped bleeding rainbows.

© Polly Richardson