Emma Barone – Dualities of Light and Dark

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Dualities of Light and Dark, artwork by Irish Artist Emma Barone

Barone uses the process of recording two superimposed images on a photographic medium, usually done intentionally to produce a special effect. Her pieces capitalise on the dualities of light and dark, stillness and movement piercing the veil which divides the shadow from the substance, leaving the viewer with a glimpse into a vibrant parallel universe.

Emma Barone is a contemporary visual artist. She makes still life and landscape paintings in acrylic on canvas. She studied animation and has an eclectic design background that ranges from interior design to architectural ceramics, and from stained glass to jewellery design.

Barone’s work has been featured in various publications including Live Encounters Magazine, The Irish Arts Review, Senior Times, House and Home, and the Sunday Independent; and she has published two books in collaboration with the Hennessy Award winning writer, Eileen Casey.

​Emma has exhibited extensively throughout Ireland, with 22 solo exhibitions under her belt, her work is in private and public collections including the Amsterdam World Trade Centre, Midlands Regional Hospital, Offaly County Council and Tullamore DEW Visitors Centre.

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