Live Encounters Magazine March 2018

Plant-based diets present an opportunity for better health, respect for animal welfare and protecting the environment. They also represent an opportunity to reclaim personal agency in a world in which personal choices about diet and health are made by corporations, without the average person even being aware of it. In the face of corporate and political opposition, veganism appears to be a tide that is not about to turn. 
– Elizabeth Harrop,
The vegan philosophy, featured in this issue of Live Encounters.

Live Encounters Magazine March 2018

Paulo Coelho – The Power of the Word
Mark Ulyseas – Karma Mechanics
Jennifer Shutek – Unpacking the History of Sabich
Elizabeth Harrop – The vegan philosophy…
Andrea Lamberti – Rainbowl Vegan Recipe
Dr Shanthie Mariet D’Souza – Afghanistan: Battle of narratives…
Jill Gocher – Pictures from an exhibition
Mikyoung Cha – Postcards from Chang Mai
Natalie Wood – A Non-Jew Who Saved Jewish History
Ozlem Warren – Etli Pilav
Sourav Jourdar – Brides of Bengal

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