Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2018

Philip was special in his own unique way. He had his rituals: he’d cross the river Liffey to the market on Saturdays to stock up on organic fruit and vegetables for the week– he loved the market and the market loved him. His cosy red-brick terrace house was a meeting place and source of wisdom for multitudes. The Irish writing fraternity is indebted to him for setting up irishwriters-online as an archive of Irish writers. Dignity is a word that always springs to mind. Apart from his talent as a novelist and poet, Philip was a fiercely loyal critic. – Terry McDonagh, On the Passing of Philip Casey, Poet and Novelist, Sunday 4th February 2018.

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2018

Live Encounters tribute to Philip Casey, celebrated Irish Poet and Novelist
Arthur Broomfield – Tales from the non-verse
Brian Kirk – Animal Life
Eamonn Lynskey – Book review of After The Fall
Hongri Yuan – City of Dreamland
Jim Meirose – Rod and Maisey…
Joachim Matschoss – Haiku 2018
Maria Miraglia – To My Mother
Mark Ulyseas – Book review of Flower Press
Richard James Allen – The Wedding Dress
Robert Jensen – Review of Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation
Ruairí de Barra – Mothers of many nations
Sravani Singampalli – Sometimes half is beautiful
Sue Woolfe – Book review of Dark Matters

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2018 s


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