Live Encounters Poetry & Writing February 2020

LE P&W February 2020 Banner

David Rigsbee – Guest Editorial – On “The Abduction”
and First Meeting Stanley Kunitz

Denise O’Hagan – Matters of the Heart
Daragh Byrne – Wedded to Fate
Dirk van Nouhuys – Three Writers
Jim Ward – Eternal Flame
John W Sexton – 3 Penny Space Operas
Laura J Braverman – Lifeblood
Linda Adair – Word Play Love
Peter O’Neill – The Misanthrope
Rachel Coventry – On The Possibility of a Love Poem In The Age of Tinder
Randhir Khare – In the Dark Corolla of Your Body
Richard Krawiec – Inevitable

LE P&W Feb 2020pdf


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