Daragh Byrne – Wedded to Fate

Daragh Byrne profile LE P&W Feb 2020

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Daragh Byrne was born in Ireland and somehow stumbled into a decade of life-making in Sydney. With a background in physics, a professional life of building software, and a longstanding study (and teaching) of meditation, he writes to explore the dichotomies of existence and the eternal balancing act between joy and sorrows. His writing covers themes relating to the meaning of “home”, the varieties of metaphysics behind science and spiritual practice and the lingering effects of grief. He’s particularly interested in the effects of the loss of faith on a nation, as experienced in his home country in the last few generations. He has published in The Blue Nib and Backstory Journal. He is currently Convener of The Sydney Poetry Lounge, a longstanding open mic night that runs on the third Wednesday of every month.

Instagram: @hellostillness

01 Daragh Bynre LE P&W Feb 2020

02 Daragh Bynre LE P&W Feb 2020

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