Peter O’Neill – The Misanthrope

Peter O Neill profile LE P&W Feb 2020

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Peter O’Neill is the author of six collections of poetry; The Elm Tree (2014), Sker (2016) and The Enemy – Transversions from Baudelaire (2015) all published by Lapwing; The Dark Pool (2015) and The Muse is a Dominatrix ( 2016) both published by mgv2>publishing; Dublin Gothic published by Kilmog Press ( 2015); and More Micks than Dicks ( 2017) published by Famous Seamus. He has also coedited And Agamemnon Dead, an anthology of 21st century Irish Poetry with Walter Ruhlmann for mgv2>publishing ( 2015) and edited The Gladstone Readings (2017) published by Famous Seamus.

01 Peter O Neill LE P&W Feb 2020

02 Peter O Neill LE P&W Feb 2020

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