Live Encounters Troubadours December 2019

The troubadours are not just the poets, writers, photographers and artists but philosophers, academics, rights activists of all hues et al. Their sound of music transcends the barriers of cultures and embeds itself in the psyche of the reader – the ethereal forms of new thought unsullied by the grubby hands of commercialism.
Mark Ulyseas, Tribute to the Troubadours.

LE Mag Troubadours December 2019

Mark Ulyseas – Tribute to the Troubadours
Eleanor Moseman – Jamyang Tsomo: The Modern Day Warrior
Jill Gocher – Gadding About At Gadisir
Mikyoung Cha – Cathedrals of St. Petersburg
Barry Delaney – Stars and Souls of the Liffey
Carl Scharwath – Evolve
Wolfgang Widmoser – Toscany
Petter Solheim – Otherworld
Tina Claffey – Spiders of the Bog
Dr Margi Prideaux – Tuning back to ethical north
Donna Mulvenna – Awe-struck
José Truda Palazzo Jr – Living Water

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