Live Encounters Poetry & Writing January 2020

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Jordan Smith – Interiors – Guest Editorial and Poems
Alfred Corn – Lilith
Amy Louise Wyatt – Remembering You
Bejan Matur – Sürgün
Chris Mooney-Singh – The Rotary Clothes Hoist
John W Sexton – Small Change from the Myth Kitty
Nina Kossman – Empty Rock
Omar Pérez – Make it look like an accident
Robert Shanahan – Voices
Sarah McCann – Lost Children Tankas
Terry McDonagh – Hamburg is more than city
Vanda Petanjek – Mila

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2 Replies to “Live Encounters Poetry & Writing January 2020”

  1. I am a poet and literary writer from Egypt. I would love to publish my words. How can I do that. Can you please provide me with the steps.
    Thanks in advance
    Shazly Ragab

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