Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Two December 2019

LE P&W banner 2 Dec 2019

Thomas McCarthy – On Becoming a Whole Poet – Guest Editorial
David Rigsbee – Seferis, Kizer, Keeley…
Robin Morgan – These Hands
Noel Monahan – Nun’s Graveyard
Alicia Hoffman – Radio Silence
Angela Patten – Slow Time
Anton Floyd – Honey and Onions
Breda Wall Ryan – Small Histories
Charlotte Innes – Tar
Colette Nic Aodha – Quill
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow – Robust
Daniel Lusk – On Goose Pond
Dorian Stoilescu – Innocent Games
Eamonn Lynskey – The Safety of Numbers
Edward O’Dwyer – Milk
Eileen Casey – Jharkhand Woman
Eleanor Hooker – Lifeboat
Geraldine Mills – The Animal of Her Body
Greta Sykes – Tips for Men
Hedy Habra – To My Friend from Peru
Jack Grady – A Prophet Self-Censored
Jean O’Brien – Firing Line
Jeannine Hall Gailey – In the In-Between
Jim Burke – Sun’s Up
Laura J Braverman – Mantra
M L Williams – Late Thunderstorm
Margaret Bradstock – Living Statues
Maria Castro Dominguez – What You Take With You
Maria Miraglia – Appearances
Maria Wallace – Looking at the rain
Mary Scheurer – Alcochaete
Maurice Devitt – Only Connect
Miceál Kearney – Renovations
Patricia Sykes – Letter to a Pseudonym
Paul Bregazzi – Ophelia
Perie Longo – Survival
Phil Lynch – Christmas Present
Richard Jarrette – Slender Oat Stalks Bow
Ron Carey – Down from the North
Ruairí de Barra – Finding None
Sandra Yannone – Ode to Breakfast
Susan Condon -The Stranger on the Train
Theresa Griffin Kennedy – For the Dead who Live
Tim Cumming – Play
Tim Dwyer – Completing the Canticle
Tobi Alfier – The Patio

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