Live Encounters Young Poets & Writers December 2019

LE Young P&W Dec 2019

Geraldine Mills – Saving Words, Guest Editorial
Abbie Mcloughlin – The Pencil
Adam Duke – Fur Coats Dreaming
Adam Gavin – Pencil Dreaming
Aidan Keane – Football Training
Aidan Mohan – Mickey Mouse
Alexander Sun – Fish Heads
Alwyn – Dinosaur Hunters
Amrita – Quiddity
Angelina – Their Flesh, My Bone
Annie Mohan – The Sad Girl
Aoibhín O Connor – Coat Dreaming
Britney – A Dip in Flight
Caoimbhe McLoughlin – Flowers Dreaming
Caoimhe – Halloween
Charlotte Gillan – Jack and The Geraldstalk
Chloe Joyce – A Book Dreaming
Clementine Lavelle – Fox Dreaming
Clodagh O’Toole – Pencil
Dubheasa O’ Connor – Till The Cows Come Home
Ella Skye Hackney – A Poem To Help You Achieve In Life
Ellieann O’Toole – Wood
Ethan Dooley – Ashes In A Bin
Evan – Ghost Story
Francis – Spooky Night
Grace Carey – Froggy
Isobel Walsh – Captured
Jack – A Dog Day
Jack Acton – Chicken Bones
Jason – My Dog
Kethmi and Victoria – Fruit of Life
Kieran Ryan – The Robbery
Laszlo Sipos – Bear
Laura Malone – Paper Thinking Back
Leah – The White Witch
Macdara – Spinning Squirrel
Maia Barry – A Pencil’s Dream
Majka Janus – Paper
Maksymilian Waligorski – Paper
Molly McDonagh – Why won’t John wake up?
Oisin Foyle – The Moose
Rachel Abraham – Chicken Bones
Simran – I Once Was A Child
Siofra Gannon – Shark Fin Soup
Stephen Dickinson – The Broken Pencil
Zoe – The Ghost

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