Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume One December 2019

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Terry McDonagh – Live Encounters Ten Years On – Guest Editorial
Randhir Khare – LIGHT DANCE After Rumi
Emma Barone – Irish Artist
Suniti Namjoshi – Dangerous Pursuits
Christopher Merrill – A Minor House
Alex Skovron – The Studebaker
Alisa Velaj – The Tree Child
Angela Topping – He Comes to Me
Anne Casey – Blow Wind Blow
Anne Fitzgerald – Notes My Brother Left in Block Capitals
Anne M Carson – Cocoons spun from dreams
Anne Walsh Donnelly – How Did You Know?
Arthur Broomfield – The case of two handbags
Attracta Fahy – Komorebi
Beatriz Copello – Australia
Brian Kirk – Fear and Trembling
Cathy Altmann – Crochet and Crying
Chad Norman – A Raven’s Sermon
Claudine Nash – The Making of a Memory
Colin Dardis – Greater Than Zero
Donna Prinzmetal – In the song called Home
Doreen Duffy – Letting Go
Faye Boland – Discordance
Frances Browner – Hungry for Love
Ian C Smith – An Intaglio of Words
Ingrid Storholmen – New Earth
James Walton – Uncaged animals
Jane Williams – Cafe Diversions
Joachim Matschoss – Still Life Woman with Rat
John Maxwell O’Brien – Aloysius the Great Excerpt IV
John Sibley Williams – Stunted Generations
John W Sexton – from Visions at Templeglantine
Kathleen Mary Fallon – Mamdouh Habib
Kenneth Nolan – Transformation Sonnet
Liz McSkeane – Lessons
Lorna Shaughnessy – American Red
Lynda Tavakoli – Breast Talk
Marion May Campbell – Sleep of the old she-wolf
Mary Melvin Geoghegan – Children of the Revolution
Michael Durack – No Way To Say Goodbye
Nessa O’Mahony – The Lovers of Ardoo
Niall Cahir – A True Departure
Nina Kossman – See How They Watch You
Noel Duffy – Wild Cherries
Peter O’Neill – Ballybaa
Polly Richardson – Gorse
Roisín Browne – Saoirse
Rosemary Jenkinson – You and the Britbabes: 1997
Stephen Haven – Vacuum
Susan Azar Porterfield – House Poems

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