Live Encounters Magazine December Volume Two 2013

LE Mag Volume Two Dec 2013

Captain Paul Watson, Founder Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Guest Editorial : A Returning Eco-Exile
Lavanya Khare, daughter of Randhir Khare, speaks to him on his 50 years of writing.
Terry McDonagh, Irish Poet, Playwright, Writer – Snow in Hamburg
Dr.Benjamin Authers/Dr.Emma Larking, Co-Editors/Regarding Rights – Invitation to contribute to Regarding Rights
Vandana Vasudevan, Journalist & Author – Urban Villager – Life in an Indian Satellite Town
Sangita Malhan, Author & French Teacher – The TOI Story : How a Newspaper Changed the Rules of the Game
Joo Peter, Photographer & Writer – Photo Gallery : Toraja People of Sulawesi, Indonesia
Dr.Mukesh Batra, speaks to Mark Ulyseas on the launch of his magazine, Homeopathy & You
Dr.Candess M Campbell, Intuitive Life Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author  –  Energy Medicine: Kinesiology and Muscle Testing
Mark Ulyseas, Heroes of 2013

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