04 APRIL P&W 2020

Anamaría Crowe Serrano – Excerpts From a Novel
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko – La Vie en Rouge
Brendan McCormack – Unspoken Place
Carolina Medina – Capitula Once – Chapter Eleven
Christine Murray – Poetic Practice
Daniel Wade – The Long Watch
David Rigsbee – Canto XXXI
Éamon Mag Uidhir – Two Epigrams of Martial
Enda Coyle Greene – Continua
Fred Johnston – Words and Music
Jim Ferguson – Serenade
Linda Ibbotson – Bargemusic – Brooklyn
Michael J Whelan – Landscapes of Conflict
Conflicted Landscapes

Michael S Begnal – Many Mantises
Mick Corrigan – Wild Sleepless Nights
Osama Esber – Fermentation
Peter O’Neill – Guest Editorial – Reference Points
Peter Sheekey – The Intercultural Storytelling Project
Rob Buchanan – Sixth Seal
Silva Zanoyan Merjanian – Judgement
Souzan Ali – At The End of The City
Yan Kouton – Vision

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