Peter Sheekey – The Intercultural Storytelling Project

Sheekey LE P&W April 2020

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Dr Peter Sheekey is originally from Cabra, Dublin but spent 15 years working as a teacher in Switzerland and Italy. For the past two decades, Peter has been a researcher and practitioner in the field of second language learning and social orientation for refugees and migrants in Dublin. His doctoral research focussed on the lived experiences and social barriers facing border-crossing adult migrant English language learners in Ireland. On foot of these studies, he set up the Intercultural Language Service in Ballybough, Dublin to meet these challenges. Also, he has created the Intercultural Storytelling Project, where members of local and new communities share their stories to promote greater intercommunity understanding and social cohesion.

1 Peter Sheekey LE P&W April 2020

2 Peter Sheekey LE P&W April 2020

3 Peter Sheekey LE P&W April 2020

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