Live Encounters Poetry & Writing July 2020

LE P&W July 2020 Banner

Anna Yin – A Pardon To My Bones
Anne McDonald – Blue Bells And High Horses
Bobbie Sparrow – Selves In The Rushes
Brid Connolly – The Fourteenth Lock
Dianne Alvine – Pale Blue Dot
Dorie LaRue – on ‘Aloysius the Great’
by John Maxwell O’Brien

Fred Johnston – Siege Mentality
Geraldine Mills – Corona Cinquain Sequence
Joe Cottonwood – A Feral Calico Cat
John Grey – Shooting Star
John W Sexton and Richard Magahiz – A Collaboration
Kieran Beville – Bazaar
Manuela Palacios – Wet Nurse
Martin Hayes – Foxconn Suicide Watch
Martin Willitts Jr – Wait
Robbi Nester – A Gift of Words

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