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Manuela Palacios – Wet Nurse

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Manuela Palacios lectures on Anglophone literature at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain). She has edited, translated and written about Irish, Galician and Arabic poetry. Among the anthologies she has edited are To the Winds Our Sails. Irish Writers Translate Galician Poetry, co-edited with the Irish writer Mary O’Donnell (Salmon Poetry 2010, Forked Tongues. Galician, Basque and Catalan Women’s Poetry in Translations by Irish Writers (Shearsman Books 2012, Six Galician Poets (Arc Publications 2016, Migrant Shores: Irish, Moroccan & Galician Poetry (Salmon 2017 ) and Ανθολογία Νέων Γαλικιανών Ποιητών – Antoloxía De Poesía Galega Nova (Vakxikon 2019 Manuela’s research on women’s studies, ecopoetry and the human-animal trope has, in recent times, set her on the stimulating path to creative writing (

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