Live Encounters Magazine March 2020

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Eleanor Moseman – Six Dharmas of Naropa Tibetan Plateau
Wolfgang Widmoser – Geisha
Jill Gocher – India Yatra
Tina Claffey – Sphagnum Moss – The Bog Builder
Barry Delaney – Americans Anonymous
Dr Namrata Goswami – My Latest Book
on the Naga Ethnic Movement in Northeast India

Dr Shanthie Mariet D’Souza and Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray
Surging Jihadist Wave in Western Africa: Conflict Spillover

Professor Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha
Subaltern and its Fragments: Aporias of Identity Politics
Review of Dr Ajay Gudavarthy’s book
Secular Sectarianism.

Shobna Sonpar and Neeru Kanwara
Psychosocial Lens on Prejudice and Violence

Mark Ulyseas – Suicide – Fast Track to Neverland?

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