Live Encounters Lesbian Poetry & Writing February 2018

I still read the poems in Monster and am bowled over by Robin Morgan’s work and I wonder why this book is not on all school reading lists? The simple reason is that the author is a lesbian. Morgan is insightful and has a wicked sense of humour (in the best sense of the word wicked). So I am pleased to have Robin Morgan’s latest poems in this issue of Live Encounters. Lesbians are frequently ahead of the cultural curve in writing about subjects with which the mainstream is not yet engaged. Sandy Jeffs’ writing about madness, Renate Klein’s work against medical and reproductive violence, Beatriz Copello’s writing on violence and Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes’ engagement with trauma, Christine Stark’s critiquing pornography and prostitution: all show a kind of courage that is necessary for political and poetic activism. – Susan Hawthorne, Guest Editor

Live Encounters Lesbian Poetry & Writing February 2018c

Featuring contributors from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, USA and Chile.
Susan Hawthorne – Guest Editorial and Poems
Beatriz Copello – A Life Together
Christine Stark – Ancient
Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes – R-Evolution
Dani Tauni – Ancient Nights
Finola Moorhead – On reading Young Eliot beside an open window…
Hilary McCollum – Flying Colours
Judy Horacek – Fly Fourteen Fly
Kathleen Mary Fallon – International Lesbians – Portraits
Lee Cataldi – Mangoes
Louise Wakeling – The Spirit of Curiosity
Margaret Bradstock – The Black Line
Marion May Campbell – Inside the Fold
Miriel Lenore – Hope and the Inevitable…
Nandi Chinna – Wind
Nataša Velikonja – The Nude
Nina Dragičević – Who has other worries
Powhiri Rika-Heke – Wings and Kiwi Cravings
Renate Klein – Hate
Robin Morgan – Compass
Sandy Jeffs – The Monstrous Truth
Suniti Namjoshi – Two women are walking
Susan Varga – When I Think of Budapest

Live Encounters Lesbian Poetry & Writing February 2018 pdf


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