Live Encounters Magazine November 2013

Live Encounters Magazine November 2013

Dr. Father Ivo Coelho, Mahendra Man Singh, Budi Hernawan, Mark Gelsomino, HRW, Anita Mackay, Dr. Candess M Campbell, Terry McDonagh, Natalie Wood, Sourav Jourdar

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Ivo Coelho – Science, Common sense and Faith
Mahendra Man Singh – Forever Incomplete – The Story of Nepal
Budi Hernawan – Breaking the silence on Papua    
Anita Mackay – Women in Australian prisons and why they need human rights protections
Natalie Wood – Why Most Jews Still Stand Alone
Mark Gelsomino – Librarians Without Borders
Terry McDonagh – In a Doll’s House
Human Rights Watch – South Africa :  Archbishop Condemns Anti-LGBTI Violence
Sourav Jourdar – Photo Gallery – Durga Puja
Candess M Campbell – Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine: Integrate and Receive

Live Encounters November 2013

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