Live Encounters Magazine Vol 1 December 2015

This brains trust of leading academics and activists present an undistorted global view of the state of civil and human rights and its attendant political implications and applications.
Guest Editorial by Dr Lezlee Brown Halper, Tibet Scholar.

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Camilla R Barker – Approaches to Disaster Legislation
David Morgan – The Future is Female
Dr Daya Somasundaram – A Lost Generation of Tamil Youth
Dr Fleur Adcock – Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Dr Lezlee Brown Halper – Guest Editorial
Nimmi Kurian – Will China Export its Water Crisis?
Dr Veerendra Mishra – Combating Human Trafficking
Mariana Prandini Assis – Brazilian Urban Landscape
Mark Ulyseas – Update 2015 Another Year of Living Foolishly?
Pavan Kumar Malreddy – From 9/11 to the War on Terror
Professor Ganesh Devy – On Education In India
Sophie Gallop – The Problem with Human Rights
Dr Jolyon Ford – Climate Change and Human Rights 

Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop – Zambia child survivors of sexual abuse

Live Encounters Magazine Civil and Human Rights Volume One December 2015