Lezlee Brown Halper and Stefan Halper authors of TIBET – An Unfinished Story – Interview
Dr. Ivo Coelho – Gandhi’s Challenge to the Economy
Terry McDonagh – The Depth of Blood
Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop – Poem on Human Trafficking
Natalie Wood – Modern Bedouin: A Tale of False, Fashionable Agitprop
Stephanie Saldaña – Crossing the Bridge to the Past: Reflections on Damascus, Syria
Yossi Alpher – How Middle East regional dynamics affect the Israeli-Palestinian peace process (NOREF)
Dr. Paul Rollier – Shias in Pakistan: A View from Lahore
Romit Bagchi – Fateful Days: Gandhi and Dilip Kumar Roy
Dr. Candess M Campbell – Healing from the Other Side
Mark Ulyseas Civil wars, refugees and lost languages