Live Encounters Poetry & Writing
February 2024

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David Rigsbee – Guest editorial
Angela Patten
Dominique Hecq
Anna Yin
Zhou Jun
Daniel Lusk
Richard W Halperin
Brian Kirk
Lincoln Jaques
Dr Arthur Broomfield
Art Nahill
John Grey
Michael J Leach
Tim Dwyer
Alicia Viguer-Espert
Lorraine Gibson
Trevor Landers
Piet Nieuwland
Ian Watson
Paris Rosemary
Kristian Radford
Fred Johnston
Ahmad Al-Shahawy translated by Dr. Salwa Gouda
Gamal Al-Qassas translated by Dr. Salwa Gouda
Ashraf Aboul-Yazid translated by Dr. Salwa Gouda
Walid EL Khachab translated by Dr. Salwa Gouda
Jordan Smith book review of Kiosk by Lynn Strongin

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